EasyRentals Leiden
Pelikaanstraat 17-19
2312 DW Leiden

Tel: 071-5143414
Mail: info@easyrentals.nl

Before you search, we’ve already found it.


We only stop searching until we have found the perfect home. Not only with the landlords that we know, but also with other real estate agents; around until we have found.


Daily we acquire, search and call landlords to find the best accommodations for all searching tenants within the Randstad.


We guide you, as a tenant, at every step. From the moment you start searching, the mediation to live in your new home and even when you will leave the property.


EasyRentals stands for quality. Therefore, we shall ensure that all before and behind the scenes are well and clearly arranged.


EasyRentals not only checks the property for our tenants, but also the landlord. This allows us to guarantee not only the quality of housing but also the landlord


During mediation, you have one contact point. You always can go to your real estate agent with your questions, even outside office hours

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